Jim Furyk thanks his father for advice

April 1st, 2014 — 3:22pm

Mike Furyk gave some invaluable advice to his son Jim as he was playing in the World Golf Championship – Accenture Match Play Championship at Dove Mountain in Arizona.

Jim Furyk stated that he thought his father was just telling him not to get out of his comfort zone and playing differently than what he is used to. He mentioned that his dad told him not to change his style too much or even try to hit the ball higher and farther than he is capable of. Furyk went on to add that his father also told him that he should just stick to the game that got him there and not try anything fancy and just try and shoot a number and see where it takes him.

And importantly, Furyk Sr. was absolutely spot on with his assessment of his son’s game as the veteran golfer, who struggled initially, took control of the match before going into the next round.

Jim Furyk is a former graduate from the University of Arizona and he qualified to the quarter finals of the event beating Harris English 1 and up. English vanquished Rory McIlroy in the previous round and as expected, he also pushed Furyk all the way before surrendering the match.

This is the first time that Furyk has managed to reach the quarter finals of the event in 14 attempts and he is no doubt, very happy about reaching the level.

The veteran also admitted that this is the first time that he has gone into the weekend of the event and uncharacteristically for someone like Jim Furyk, mentioned that he was feeling a bit nervous about it. He thanked the fans for the support he has got and mentioned he wants to give them something more to cheer for as well.

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Lionhead Golf Course – Masters Course

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Rules of Golf Rule – Rule #24-1 – Moveable Obstructions

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Players And Their Earnings

January 17th, 2014 — 2:08pm

Tiger Woods, the world number one has once again broken another record and this time it is nothing regarding his game. It is with the money he has earned till date. The maestro has reached a record breaking US $1.3 billion and has now topped the list for the first 50 people in Golf Digest.

In that list Adam Scott has made it to the eighth spot. This is the 11th time that Tiger Woods has topped that list. In his earnings of US $1.3 billion there are various categories including endorsements, prize money and various other things. The second person on the list is Phil Mickelson whose total earnings has amounted to US $52 million out of which he has earned US $45 million in endorsements and the rest has come from prize money. Phil hopes to win the US Open this year and complete a grand slam this season.

In the fifth position was Henrik Stenson from Sweden who earlier won the playoff crown of US PGA Tour. His total earning stands at US $21.45 million. In the sixth position is Rory Mcllroy of Northern Ireland with a total earning very close to Henrik Stenson amounting to US $20.6 million. Rory should get much credit for his place because he won only one title in a year last season.

In the seventh position was the legend from South Africa at an age of 78 and his total earnings amounted to US $16 million. This result was remarkable because no one expected him to be a part of that list. Eight position was filled by Adam Scott as mentioned earlier. The ninth and the tenth position was taken by Ernie Els from South Africa and Greg Norman of Australia. It was great to see the list and the respective amounts.

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Golf Canada catches up with Team B.C. champions

December 28th, 2013 — 6:14am

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