Matt Kuchar Finally Won Car

In WGC-HSBC Champions tournament, Matt Kuchar nailed a hole-in-one and became a strong contender to win a car. But just then another news came that par -3 17th is turned and now it is a 193 yard hole.

This changed the entire criteria of winning a car in tournament. According to new changes home-in-one in below 200 yards is not eligible to win the car. The decision whether Kuchar has won a prize car or not went pending. And after a week finally, the PGA tour declared their decision that Kuchar has won the car.

Car is not a big deal for Kuchar but winning anything in WGC-HSBC championship is the most for him.  Caddie of Kuchar John Wood was aware that hole-in-one will not do anything on the ground. Still Kuchar made it and secure his position to win the car.

The popularity of Kuchar is very large in the PGA Tour and he is one of the most liked players on tour. Thus, even if Kuchar and his caddie was aware that hole-in-one will not bring car for him, still they were quite sure that the car will come to them anyways.

Kuchar’s performance in the entire championship in PGA tour is remarkable and he had made a big fan base. However, he is still in search of winning majors. People seeing Kuchar’s game and associated with golf say “Kuchar has all the skills to win a major championship, it is just a matter of time that it has not some on his way yet. Kuchar is one of the starkest players on PGA tour and has all the potential.”

Will Kuchar going to break the ice at the right time to win any major? This time will let us know. However, as if now he is taking his new Cadillac car with him.

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