Rice Will Be Seen Playing Golf In A Nationwide Tour Soon

Jerry Rice is famously known as an NFL Hall of Famer and also one of the best players ever to strap on shoulder pads. What has happened to the Rice now?

Well, after football, he has gone all-in golf and he not only a great player there, but has even played some of Nationwide Tour events as well – however that didn’t turn out well for him. He remains a passionate golfer and with his 1-handicap and he will be seen playing in the American Century Championship, which will start on July 14 at the Edgewood Tahoe GC in Nevada.

Now, the question is that how this enthusiastic football player hooked on golf?

In an interview, Rice said, one day I was working with my trainer, we were preparing for route-running and track work. My trainer brought out a couple balls and a couple clubs.  

Post workout, being the kind of athlete I am, I said to myself, “Okay, I will hit this golf ball.” In the past, I had never picked up anything like the ball or a club, and even I had no interest in it. I can’t hit it. It was to believe for me that a stationary ball, which is just in front of me can’t be hit ball where you want it to go?

I became obsessed with this. I used to go early in the mornings in my driving range to work on my golf game. After that I used to go to my facility and then all day I used to practice football, again come back to the driving range and play more golf.

This is how I developed an interest in the game and after finishing my football career, I look forward to the golf game. I think this is one of the greatest games.

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